Construction of a gold processing plant valued at more than US$3 million (around 190 million meticais) in the town of Mariza. Machipoanda administrative post, in Manica district, is entering its final phase.

The facility, installed in the village of Nhamachato and with capacity to process 150 tons of hard rock daily, is 80% complete.

The plant, set up by a consortium of four companies, is in a testing phase that will end in May of this year, the plant’s mining manager told Radio Mozambique.

The consortium – made up of the mining companies KD Prospero, África Minerais, Clay & Gravel Mining, and Harvest Fame – owns several mines, both open-cast and underground, in the Machipanda administrative post.

When it reaches maximum production capacity, the gold processing plant will employ more than two hundred people.

Inspector General of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Obede Matine, visited the plant and associated mine, and left some recommendations regarding the direction of developments.

Source:Club of mozambique