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Central Térmica De Beluluane

Lack of electricity is one of the biggest issues that delay the development of many African

Beluluane Gas Company

Against a backdrop of escalating energy demand, anxiety over energy security and rising environmental concerns,

Renewable Energy

Climate & Sustainability Mitra Energy’s ambition is to become a carbon neutral company by 2050.

Safety & Sustainability

Activities in the oil and gas sector essentially involve the exploration, use and transportation of

Fuel Depot

The arrival of new projects in the sector makes the flow of business in Africa

Petrol Stations

Mitra Energy is working hard to build more than 100 petrol stations in 8 countries

Gas-Fired Power Generation Facility

Lack of electricity is one of the biggest issues that delay the development of many

Mitra LPG Terminal

Since new regulator law in south Africa do not allows the utilization of electricity for

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